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Linear Power Supply, 300mA

Model: PRS2403

  • 24V DC @ 300mA unregulated
  • Receptacle mount
  • UL Listed
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DC Power Supplies are designed to supply power to 24V DC equipment from a 120V AC source. They are rugged, versatile, and dependable, and are suitable for use with many types of telephone paging equipment, amplified speakers and horns, tone generators, and intercom systems. The SPS versions use switching technology to provide large current capacities in small packages that gate energy directly to the storage caps at the power supply output. This is a highly efficient way to convert voltages, resulting in minimal heat generation. The wall-mounted SPS versions of power supplies include special mounting holsters for easy and secure wall mounting. The holsters are fastened to the wall and then the power supply is slipped in. The holster’s spring action tab ensures the power supply is secure. A side-mounted PCB provides a means of breaking out the power supply’s cable connector into multiple screw terminals. The screw terminals are also pluggable for added ease of installation.
  • 24V DC @ 300mA unregulated
  • Receptacle mount
  • UL Listed
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