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M.I.T 84" 4K PCAP Touch Table

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M.I.T 84
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M.I.T 84
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For more than four decades The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) has created a dynamic solutions-oriented environment to further education and research. The MIT CTL facility has a recent addition to facilitate growth and collaboration between students and faculty, a horizontal-grade CyberTouch 84” Touch Table. This CyberTouch 84” utilizes a NEC 84” 4K monitor and was modified with automatic dynamic internal cooling system that allows the monitor to be run horizontally as a table. The engineers at CyberTouch designed this touch table with one monolithic piece of safety-glass integrated with projected capacitive touch technology, allowing the table to be sunlight-friendly and splash-proof, ideal for areas with high pedestrian foot traffic. Because projected capacitive touch technology does not require a raised border, CyberTouch uses this multi-touch touch technology for applications where an aesthetic finish is desired, as the surface of touch glass continues flat to the edges of the table.