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RC4-SHC™ for Sony EVI-HD3/DVI, EVI-HD7/DVI and EVI-H100V cameras and Cisco SX80, C-Series codecs.

Series: RC4

Model: RC4-SHC™

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RemoteCam4™ Digital PTZ Camera Extension Kits

Sound Control Technologies’ RemoteCam4™ camera Extension Kits offer a cost and time saving alternative when integrating digital high definition PTZ cameras into a wide variety of presentation spaces. The RemoteCam4™ Kits provide a reliable “transparent“ link between the camera and codec/head-end.

Available Accessories:
RCM-SD3™ Wall Mount
RCR-SD3™ In-Wall Box
RC-RK2™/RC-RK4™ Rack Shelves

Available Project Packs:
RC4-SHC-K inclusive of RCM-SD3 Wall Mount,
RC4-SHC-S inclusive of RC-RK2 Rack Shelf,
RC4-SHC-KS inclusive of RCM-SD3 Wall Mount and RC-RK2 Rack Shelf.

The RemoteCam4™ kits provide:

  • Camera Power
  • Digital Video up to 1080p60
  • RS232 or HDMI Camera Control
  • Visca Control Loop
  • Wired and modulated IR
  • Distances up to 300’ over a single CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable
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